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U.S. Tax Compliance understands that in today’s global environment, you need a partner with a significant level of commitment and expertise.  As your business tax accountants, we will make sure all your tax reporting obligations are met timely and accurately.   We are committed to help our clients not only to comply with always changing and complex regulations, but also to minimize tax obligations and create value to your enterprise.


With a comprehensive understanding of federal, state, and local tax regulations, look to us for:


·         Comprehensive and accurate tax preparation for all types of entities

·         State and Local Taxation

·       Tax Controversy and Resolution – Representation before federal, state,   and local tax authorities

·         Foreign Financial Account Reporting

·         Strategic Tax Planning

·         Tax reporting and regulatory reporting of Not-For-Profit Organizations

·         Business Entity Selection for optimal tax implications





Non-U.S. Entities


U.S. Tax Compliance provides a wide range of tax services for both inbound and outbound companies.  We also can assist with executives whose careers span the globe to help reduce their tax burden and meet their tax responsibilities.


As a non-U.S. entity, we are able to coordinate your basic business needs to operate in the United States.  Look to us for assistance with:


·    State business registration, employee payroll and benefits, insurance, and other related matters

·  Completion of Form 1120F for foreign corporations, Form 8833 for Treaty-Based Return Positions, Form W-8BEN (withholding taxes), Form W-7 (Application for ITIN), etc.

·         Income tax treaty interpretation, including Totalization Agreements

·   Tax implications of effectively connected income with a U.S. trade or business and/or certain passive income (referred to as FDAP income), that is not effectively connected income



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