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U.S. Tax Compliance recognizes that careful tax planning and preparation produces the best results for our clients.  A step-by-step approach is taken to minimize tax liability and maximize tax opportunities through tax laws and regulations.  Our focus does not end with comprehensive tax return preparation, but encompasses our clients’ entire tax needs by offering:


·        Personal income tax return preparation (federal, state, and local)

·       Tax planning and tax projection analysis

·    Tax Controversy and Resolution – Representation before federal, state, and local tax authorities

·        Retirement savings and educational fund opportunities

·        Private Client and Family Office Services

·        Estate & Trust Tax Planning & Preparation

·        Business & Investment Tax Implication

Non-Residents of the United States


Are you a non-resident of the United States, but may have a U.S. tax filing obligation?  Contact us to discuss any compliance requirements you may have in the United States.  We will make sure you meet all the U.S. Federal and state rules and regulations.




Multi-State Filers


If your business and personal activities span state lines, you can count on us to meet your tax filing requirements in the most tax efficient manner. 

Foreign Bank And Financial Account Reporting

The Internal Revenue Service has recently issued updated guidance for taxpayer’s responsibilities to report all foreign financial accounts.  If you have financial accounts outside the United States, you may be required to file an information report with the United States Treasury.  Any company executives who have signature authority over a company’s foreign financial accounts, and are not owners of these accounts, may still be required to file information reports.  Civil penalties for non-willful failure to report generally can range from $500 up to $10,000 per account.  We have significant experience in foreign and financial account reporting and are ready to assist you with your filing obligations.

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